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Save 83% Off Your Electricity Bill This Christmas

Here at Hometree, we pride ourselves on giving you the best information – whether it’s top boiler tips, or how to save money for the more important things over Christmas (and avoiding the New Year budget blues!).

If you’re still using those old Christmas lights in the attic to try to save on buying new ones, it may actually be costing you more than you think…

Incandescent light bulbs are often found on old Christmas lights, and use far more electricity than modern LED bulbs. To make matters worse, they don’t last nearly as long. A typical incandescent bulb only gives you around 1,000 hours of festive flow, compared with LED bulbs, which last around 25,000 hours.
We decided to look at the average the cost of Christmas lights (in pence per kWh) across different UK regions to see how much you could save each Christmas period by using eco-friendlier LED alternatives.

A Costly Christmas Tree

As you can see below, our Christmas tree (which uses around 300 lights for a 6 foot tree) would cost, on average, £9.82 more for house light decorations and £3.11 more for Christmas tree lights. That’s 83% more cost for using incandescent bulbs instead of LED equivalents over the Christmas period, wherever you are in the UK. (12 hours per day, each day for the 31 days of December.) The graph below shows the dramatic difference:


We also looked at the average cost per kWh across the country for incandescent light bulbs, and found that where you live has a big impact on how much you can save.


While we’re not proposing anyone move house for the sake of the electricity bill, it is apparent that customers in the East Midlands have the cheapest energy, while customers in the South West are spending the most on their festive lighting.

After our research was complete, Paul Lewis, CMO of Hometree had this to say:

“Hometree aim to provide the best advice for their customers so they can make the best choices - whether they’re deciding on the best boiler for their home or the best Christmas decorations. This research shows consumers how much money they can save by switching out their old Christmas lights or simply by switching energy provider. Our research shows that, on average, homeowners can save over 80% on their Christmas electricity bill, and help the environment at the same time. Here at Hometree, we always like a win-win for everyone!”

Below are some tips that can help you stretch your energy bill further this Christmas:

  • By switching from incandescent to LED fairy lights, you could save 83% of the cost of powering them.
  • Consider solar powered alternatives for outdoor lighting.
  • Switch your decorative lights off when you go to bed.
  • Always be on the lookout for deals from alternative energy suppliers, you might be able to drastically lower your rates.
  • A single electric heater left on for 6 hours a day over December could be costing you over £30 - an efficient central heating system will always be more cost effective.
  • Consider using candles, for an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, festive glow!