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Our Ideal boiler range

Ideal boilers

If you're looking for a high-performance, A-rated (i.e. over 90% energy-efficient) boiler that guarantees quality, reliability and exceptional value, then an Ideal boiler may be the answer. Ideal has been keeping British homes nice and warm for over 100 years with their Logic and Logic+ boilers, which offer state-of-the-art technology.

Why choose Ideal boilers?

Award-winning products

Thanks to their industry-leading technology, the Ideal Logic and Logic+ boilers have been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2013. In the same year, the model range was awarded the Good Housekeeping Recommended Status Award, which means that the Logic, Logic+ and Vogue boilers all have a double seal of approval. To top it all off, in 2014, the Logic+ range, comprising of the Combi, Heat and System models was voted Product of the Year within the Household Boiler category in a 12,000 member-wide survey conducted by market information group TNS. The Ideal Logic+ boiler range is the first boiler range in the UK to win this prestigious consumer award.

Reliability & peace of mind

Ideal are well-known in the industry for the quality of their manufacturing and the high reliability of their products. As a matter of fact, Ideal boilers go through over 200 quality checks before leaving their factory in Hull – ensuring that reliability comes as standard with every model.

Cost effective & energy efficient

The complete Ideal boiler range is A-rated and operates at more than 90% efficiency, which means that more than 90p of every £1 you spend on fuel is effectively used to generate heat. In turn, G-rated boilers waste around 30p of every £1 you spend. What’s more, all Ideal boilers are condensing boilers, which means that they recover heat from the exhaust gases that escape in the flue allowing you to cut down on carbon emissions and save money at the same time.

Ideal combi boilers

Combi boilers are an all-in-one solution that serve as both a central heating boiler and hot water cylinder. Their space-saving quality and increased efficiency make them a popular choice among smaller and larger households alike. In fact, did you know that over 50% of all new domestic gas boilers installed in the UK are combi boilers?

Combi boiler model Kilowatt Bedrooms Bathrooms
Ideal Logic 24 24 2 1
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 24 24 2 1
Ideal Vogue C26 26 2-3 1
Ideal Logic 30 30 3 1-2
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 30 30 3 1-2
Ideal Vogue C32 32 3-4 1-2
Ideal Logic 35 35 3-4 2
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 35 35 3-4 2
Ideal Vogue C40 40 4+ 2

Ideal conventional boilers

Conventional boilers require both a hot water storage cylinder and a water tank (or cistern) and can provide large volumes of hot water to multiple bathrooms. They’re also known as heat only, traditional, open vent and regular boilers.

Conventional boiler model Kilowatt Bedrooms Bathrooms
Ideal Logic 12 Heat 12 2 2
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 12 Heat 12 2 2
Ideal Logic 15 15 2-3 2
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 15 Heat 15 2-3 2
Ideal Logic 18 18 3 2+
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 18 Heat 18 3 2+
Ideal Logic 24 24 3 2+
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 24 24 3 2+
Ideal Logic 30 30 3+ 2+
Ideal Logic+ (Plus) 30 30 3+ 2+

Ideal system boilers

System boilers work on the principle of stored hot water – much like conventional boilers. However, system boilers differ from conventional boilers in that the individual components are built directly into a system boiler, which makes the installation a lot quicker and less expensivce. In addition, system boilers do not necessarily need a water storage tank, which makes them a great choice for homes where space comes at a premium.

System boiler model Kilowatt Bedrooms Bathrooms
Worcester Greenstar 9i System 9 1 1
Worcester Greenstar 12i System 12 2 2
Worcester Greenstar 15i System 15 2 2
Worcester Greenstar 18i System 18 2-3 2
Worcester Greenstar 21i System 21 2-3 2
Worcester Greenstar 24i System 24 2-3 2
Worcester Greenstar 27i System 27 2-3 2+
Worcester Greenstar 30i System 30 3+ 2+