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Our Potterton boiler range

Potterton boilers

If you're looking for a high-performance, A-rated (i.e. over 90% energy-efficient) boiler that guarantees quality, reliability and exceptional value, then a Potterton boiler may be the answer. Potterton have been keeping British homes nice and warm since 1850 and have a reputation for being dependable and easy to use.

Why choose Potterton boilers?

Latest heating technology

All Potterton boiler use the latest heating technology, and the company ensures that each one meets the energy efficiency requirement, are completely environmentally friendly and easy to use. They are strongly associated with the new build and social housing sector and regularly supply their boilers to both sectors on a variety of large -scale installation projects.

Reliability & peace of mind

Potterton are well known in the industry for the quality of their manufacturing and the high reliability of their products. In fact, all Potterton boilers must achieve a 100% pass rate throughout their rigorous testing programme so reliability and peace of mind are guaranteed.

Cost effective & energy efficient

The complete Potterton boiler range is A-rated and operates at more than 90% efficiency, which means that more than 90p of every £1 you spend on fuel is effectively used to generate heat. In turn, G-rated boilers waste around 30p of every £1 you spend. What’s more, all Potterton boilers are condensing boilers, which means that they recover heat from the exhaust gases that escape in the flue allowing you to cut down on carbon emissions and save money at the same time.

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