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Condensing boilers

Highly efficient and modern combination, system and regular boilers

Our range of condensing boilers


Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are ultra quiet and super smart. When heating your home, the boiler will automatically adjust itself to only give you the heating you need, which means lower heating bills. You’ll find all combi boilers are simple and easy to operate, and give you instant hot water. They’re ideal for small to medium-sized homes.

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System Boilers

System boilers are small, compact and able to be fitted quickly and easily. They make great choices for all home sizes, and are a fantastic option for homes with a high water demand and fit with a current heating system that already include a hot water cylinder.

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Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are small and compact, efficient and capable of heating homes with multiple bathrooms. They’re a great choice when looking to upgrade your boiler, and fit in with your existing central heating system.

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All inclusive installations

  • Smart Thermostat included
  • 5-year warranty with every boiler as standard
  • Pump and valves with your installation when needed
  • Free chemical flush
  • Magnetic filter and limescale reducer included

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Only The Best Gas Engineers

  • Fully trained and experienced local engineers
  • Quality checks to ensure the highest standards
  • Hometree is a Which? Trusted trader
  • All our engineers are Gas Safe certified
  • Put the kettle on, they'll be on time

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