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Why is it better to service a boiler in summer than winter?


Chances are, as you’re relaxing in the sun, or eating alfresco, in the warm summer months that you won’t give your boiler service a second thought, but should you?

Why is an annual boiler service necessary?

An annual boiler service is usually a condition of a boiler’s warranty. Aside from this, the main reasons for a gas boiler service or an oil boiler service are to ensure your boiler’s safe and efficient operation. A service should be carried out by a qualified and registered heating engineer; ‘Gas Safe’ registered for gas boilers and ‘OFTEC’ registered for oil boilers.

A standard boiler service involves a series of visual inspections and tests, to ensure that your boiler is working safely, and optimally. It usually takes about an hour to complete on a standalone boiler but may take longer if faults are found, or your boiler is hard to reach, like a back boiler, behind a gas fire appliance.

4 reasons why it is better to service a boiler in summer than winter

1. Convenience

Many boilers are not used in the summertime, and therefore the number of breakdowns is much smaller, in comparison with the winter months. Heating engineers are often short of work during the summer, and whether they are independent operators or part of a larger firm, it is usually easier to get the time and date you want for your boiler service appointment in the quieter summer months.

It makes sense to get your boiler service arranged, while you are off work with the children, during the summer holidays, for example. This will negate the need to take additional time off work in the winter.

Boiler service appointments in the busy winter period can be difficult to book. The waiting time can be longer for these routine appointments, due to pressure on the heating engineer workforce, dealing with emergency boiler breakdowns. So, booking your Worcester boiler service, or Vaillant boiler service, in the summer, is likely to be quicker to arrange and more convenient for you.

2. Cost

Potential cost savings are also possible to achieve, by having a summer boiler service. Discounts on your boiler service cost are given by many companies. The main reason behind the boiler service discounts is that scheduling boiler service appointments, in the less busy, warmer months, provides the heating engineers with a steady workstream. There is less unproductive downtime, which makes economic sense for heating companies and the independent heating engineers.

If your next question is how much is a boiler service? It depends on whether you are using an individual heating engineer or a large firm and whether you are having a one-off boiler service, or taking out a boiler service plan.

Taking out a boiler care plan from Hometree will include an annual boiler service and is the most cost-effective way of financing your annual boiler service.

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3. Efficiency

Your boiler’s efficiency will be checked as part of the annual boiler service. If your boiler is not running efficiently, it may use more fuel, resulting in higher fuel bills. The Gas Safe or OFTEC registered heating engineer will check the boiler’s efficiency, and corrections or repairs may be made, or suggested, as appropriate, if the boiler is not running optimally. If the checks are carried out in the summer when your boiler is not used for central heating and any efficiency deficits rectified, the boiler will be more efficient during the winter months and give you potential energy savings, and hopefully lower fuel bills.

4. Early Fault Detection

Just like cars, boilers need regular maintenance. If you do not use your boiler in the summer, when it is too warm for central heating, you could risk important parts of your boiler seizing, or even pipes corroding, through lack of use. Your boiler needs to be run periodically, even when it is not in daily use, to ensure all the internal components are working. One of the ways to combat this problem is to have a gas boiler service or if you use oil, an oil boiler service when your boiler is not in regular use. This will allow for your boiler to be ignited, giving it a chance to run and avoid the problems above.

Servicing your boiler in the summer will also identify any potential problems, which may lead to breakdown when the boiler is being used at its full capacity, during the winter. Any problems identified, can be corrected in the summer months with minimum disruption for you. It is far easier and less disruptive, to have your boiler repaired or even replaced when it is warmer than in the depths of winter, when you may have to use additional expensive heating methods or temporarily move out of your home. A summer boiler service can certainly make for a trouble-free winter, at least as far as your central heating boiler is concerned.

So, organising your annual boiler service in the summer makes economic and ergonomic sense for the boiler owner.

Get a free boiler service with Hometree Boiler Care

Here at Hometree, we offer an annual boiler service as part of our care plans. The plan can also cover you for boiler breakdowns and repairs.

Natural gas boilers; combination, regular and system are included in the care plans.

The Hometree annual boiler service includes the following areas as standard:

  • Visual boiler checks
  • Boiler opened and inspected
  • Ventilation gas safety checks and flue gas efficiency test
  • A visual check is made of the hot water cylinder
  • The system pressure is checked
  • Radiators are checked visually, and bleeding is carried out if appropriate

All boiler services are carried out by registered Gas Safe heating engineers. Give us a call on 0800 368 9881 to find out more.

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