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Your stress-free boiler replacement in Romford

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Hometree Gas Safe Engineers

Answer some simple questions

To find your perfect boiler, answer a few simple questions about your home, the type of boiler you currently have and what fuel it runs on. Based on your answers, we'll help you find the right boiler package based on your hot water and heating requirements.


Choose your boiler

Instead of confusing you with thousands of boiler options, we'll recommend a set of boiler packages that fit the needs of your home and you'll be able to compare brands and prices. All of our prices include the boiler fully installed by our local Gas Safe engineers, a 5-year warranty, a free chemical flush and a filter to keep your boiler operating efficiently. What's more, as part of the package, we'll even include a Honeywell Smart Thermostat worth £199.99. Nice!

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Enjoy a fixed price and no nasty surprises

At Hometree, all of our prices are fixed, from your initial quote to installation, so you'll never get any nasty surprises or price hikes.


Not interested in finance? Use our secure online payment form to pay a £99 fully refundable deposit to buy your boiler and pay in full on the day of installation.

Boiler installations with Hometree Gas Safe Engineers

Local Hometree engineers are fully trained, experienced and professionally certified Gas Safe engineers. Continued quality checks ensure the highest installation standards and Hometree is a Which? Trusted Trader.

Your new boiler will be sent by recorded delivery for our engineer to collect and install on your selected date. Installation usually takes a day, although it can be 2-3 days for more complex jobs.

Hometree provides an all-inclusive quote for your new A-rated boiler, fully installed by a local Gas Safe professional engineer...

Don't know where to start? Find your perfect boiler in 90 seconds

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Is your boiler in Romford on the brink?

Stress-free boiler replacements

Boiler types


Is your boiler in Romford on the brink?

A Hometree boiler installation only takes 1 day on average. So whether you urgently need a replacement boiler in the Romford area or are simply planning for the future, we have an efficient solution for you. We only install the best A-grade boilers from Worcester Bosch and Vaillant, and we provide an industry-leading 5-year warranty with each boiler for your peace of mind.

We provide all-inclusive boiler installation packages. A professional Gas Safe engineer will install your A-grade boiler and fit a free smart thermostat. You will also receive a chemical flush, a magnetic filter and limescale reducer with every installation. What’s more, we also install pumps and valves should your type of boiler need them.

Everything you need for a stress-free boiler installation in the Romford area with a choice of finance options to keep your savings intact. One price for everything you need.

Stress-free boiler replacements

A warm home is too important for a broken boiler to get in the way. Get the right boiler at a great price, fully installed at a time that works for you.

At Hometree, ee ensure that you are guided through the process. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your home and we will recommend the right boiler for you, conduct a video survey rather than sending a pushy salesperson to your home and ensure a seamless installation.

We’ve made sure that it’s easy for you to compare each boiler.

Once you’re happy with your boiler choice, we let you choose a date that suits you for your boiler to be installed. When you’ve chosen a date, we ask that you pay a refundable £99 deposit, with the remaining balance paid in full on the day of installation. We also offer a range of affordable finance options if you’re interested in spreading the cost of your new boiler.

For that extra peace of mind, all of our boilers are installed stress-free by our professional Gas Safe engineers. You’ll also receive a 5-year warranty with your boiler with every Hometree installation, which can be extended to 10 years for an extra charge.

Boiler types

There are three main types of condensing gas boilers: combi boilers, system boilers and conventional (also called traditional, regular boilers, open vent or heat only boilers) boilers.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are probably the most cost-effective residential boiler for most homes. They control both hot water and central heating, and their energy efficiency makes them the unit of choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Heating water directly from the mains and whenever a tap is turned on, you can get unlimited hot water whenever you need it. There’s no need for a cylinder or water tank, saving you space in your home and cutting down the installation time.

In addition, boiler efficiency ratings generally rank them as one of the highest types of A-rated boilers on the market. Helping to substantially reduce heating bills and save space – there’s a reason why they’re one of the UK’s most popular choices when it comes to home heating.

System boilers

If your home has more than one bathroom, a system boiler could be the perfect option. They require a hot water storage cylinder, but not a water tank, and because many of the main components are actually built into the system, your boiler installation will be relatively quick and painless. Both the pump and the expansion vessel are inbuilt, eliminating the need for header tanks. As there’s no need for a tank, a system boiler frees homeowners from worrying about frost damage or leaks, while it also makes them much easier to maintain. For larger homes with multiple bathrooms, particularly if there’s no space for a tank, system boilers are a great choice.

Regular boilers – also known as Heat Only, Conventional or Open Vent boilers

Conventional boilers, also known as traditional, regular, open vent or heat only boilers, are comprised of both a cylinder and a water storage tank. Although they’re not the best option if space comes at a premium, a conventional boiler is able to supply large volumes of hot water to multiple bathrooms, making them a great choice for larger households. It’s probably best to remember that this sort of unit is best suited to homes which already have traditional heating systems in place. Your pipework may not need changing at all, but if it does, any changes are likely to be minimal. Like system boilers, they can be used in conjunction with solar heating systems, helping you to reduce your energy bills and ecological footprint.

Choose a new boiler that's right for you in Romford

Choosing a new boiler isn’t something you do that often, that’s why we’ve picked a few of the most popular questions and answered them for you.

What size new boiler do I need?

It’s not just the size of the property that you need to consider but also the size of the boiler. Large boilers are obviously unsuitable for small homes, while boilers that are more compact might not be the best fit for larger properties. Although the temptation is often to replace a system or conventional boiler with a combi, sticking with your current boiler system (“like-for-like swap”) may well be the wiser decision. For instance, while you could free up space in your home by going for a combi boiler, you need to consider that remnants of the old boiler system such as water tank and/or cylinder need to be removed, which are likely to increase the cost of the installation. In addition, if your property has old radiators, a move to a combi boiler is often not the best choice, as the radiators may not cope well with the higher pressure. Not considering such factors means you may end up paying more than you would have if you stuck with your old boiler type.

What’s the best new boiler brand to go for?

We offer both Vaillant and Worcester Bosch brand boilers, which offer both value for money and excellent performance. The more reliable the boiler model is, the less money you should expect to pay on expensive repairs or servicing in the future, that’s why we advise that you avoid any budget boiler brands.

If you’re struggling to decide between Vaillant or Worcester Bosch boilers, head over to our Boiler Guide and take a look at our reviews on their best-selling boilers.

What length of warranty should I choose?

We include a 5-year manufacturer warranty with our boilers to give you that extra peace of mind. We will register your boiler with the boiler manufacturer to make sure your warranty is in place.

Do you need an extra radiator in the airing cupboard?

One thing to look out for when replacing your old boiler for a new boiler or if you dispense with the water tank when having a combi boiler fitted is that it will give off less heat. This is particularly important to consider if you’re using your airing cupboard to dry clothes. You may want to consider having a radiator installed in the cupboard just to be sure.

Are there any building regulations to consider?

Building regulations and legislation have changed meaning that if your boiler was installed sometime ago, it’s likely not to meet current standards. For example, if your boiler is mounted in the centre of the house with the flue going up the chimney, this no longer meets the regulations. Therefore, the boiler will need a new position on an external facing wall.