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Orbit Energy In partnership with Hometree

6 months free boiler protection

Orbit Energy and Hometree have partnered to provide you year-round boiler protection with 6 months free boiler care (and just £12 per month thereafter).

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Join Orbit Energy Boiler Care and you'll get...

  • 6 months free boiler care Then just £12/month thereafter (with £95 callout fee)
  • Rapid response times 90% of repairs attended within 24 hours by our local engineers
  • Unrivalled protection The most comprehensive boiler protection on the market
  • We’re always there for you Our UK call centres are manned 24/7. With 96% of your calls answered within one minute
  • Flexible appointments at a time that suits you Choose from 3 time slots a day including during weekends and evenings

What's protected in your Boiler Care plan


Regular boiler servicing

Gas boiler, flue & controls

Gas supply pipe (connects your gas appliances to your meter)

15% discount off the price of a new boiler if we can’t fix it


Wider central heating system, e.g. Radiators, cylinders, pipes

Removal of sludge, scale or repairing damage caused by this

Free replacement of your boiler (but we will pay 15% towards it if we install it)

Accidental damage and faults caused by someone else you used for repairs or faults

Boiler Care Terms & Conditions Protected

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Boiler Call-outs & Repairs


24/7 Emergency Helpline: 0800 038 5963

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Orbit & Hometree - together everything you need to keep warm this winter