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Working towards a better future, one boiler at a time

Our story

The idea for Hometree was formed after our founders had two realisations – that energy companies were unwilling or unable to provide customers with the transparent, modern day experience they deserve, and that they are moving too slowly to ensure our future is a sustainable one.

They became captivated by the idea of disrupting the energy industry through a technology-based business and ultimately decided to set out on a mission to create the home energy model for the 21st century – kicking it all off right where it counts, with the most unloved part of the home: the boiler.

Since then, over 20 exceptional colleagues have joined them on this journey, alongside some of the world’s best investors who believe that there’s a dire need for innovation in energy.

Meet the team

Hometree Founders

Simon Phelan

Founder & CEO

Hometree Founders

Andreu Tobella

Founder & CPO

Hometree Founders

James Lelyveld

Lead Developer

Hometree Founders

Jack Elton

Operations & Sales Manager

Hometree Founders

Daniel Azzopardi

Head of Operations

Hometree Founders

David Iorio

Marketing Manager

Hometree Founders

Russell McNally

Head of Recruitment & On-Boarding

Hometree Founders

Esteban Cazorla


Hometree Founders

Mr. T

Growth Manager

Hometree Founders

Russell Ellis


Hometree Founders

Our vision is a sustainable home for everyone

Energy is boring. It’s seen as a fundamental right, but people aren’t interested in the details. Energy companies are getting away with higher prices and higher emissions. A home revolution needs to happen – and Hometree is here to lead it.

Through a new approach to home services we are delivering trust and clarity that continues far beyond installation. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship – one that continues as new products and technologies appear. So don’t think of us as a boiler installation company. Thing of us as a partner for home energy innovation – a trusted guide towards a more sustainable future.

Our investors have backed some of the world’s leading startups:

Alibaba Group

Why are we building Hometree?

The global environmental impact of buildings:

alt text 20% of all water consumption

alt text 25-40% of all energy use

alt text 30-40% of GHG emissions

alt text 30-40% of solid waste generation

Buildings are responsible for as much as 40 percent of global energy used, and at least one third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Within buildings, the largest single source of global emissions is our homes. Consequently, making our homes as energy-efficient as possible is one of the most effective ways to rapidly reduce emissions. More efficient appliances, better insulated buildings, and improved or alternative energy systems are all necessary solutions. Hometree exists to accelerate the shift to a low carbon economy - one home at a time.

Reducing global energy use starts at home

By making small, affordable & simple changes to your homes energy use, you’ll be tapping into your home's formidable power to stop climate change.