Hometree exists to accelerate the transition to net zero homes

About Us

Hometree Group is a residential energy services company paving the way for a brighter future by making renewable energy in the home more affordable and accessible for millions of people. Our growing network of products and services make it easier for homeowners to install, manage and finance renewable energy solutions, enabling them to run their homes in a carbon neutral way.

The Future of Home Energy

    The future energy ecosystem in the home will be more decentralised, digital, and renewable based – with technology such as heat pumps, solar PV, batteries, EV chargers and connected controls all enabling homeowners to run their homes more sustainably and more affordably.

    This new model requires a fundamentally different type of services business that can help homeowners install, finance, maintain and repair the most important assets that power their properties. Hometree is leading the way in pioneering the future residential energy services model.

    Our three divisions support the full lifecycle of sustainable homeownership:


Home Services

Our Home Services business exists to keep homes warm and working with comprehensive cover plans that protect the essential hardware in the home.

Energy Services

Our growing national network of locally run installation businesses enable homeowners to access a variety of sustainable home improvement solutions that are essential for getting to net-zero.

Financial Services

Our financing business helps homeowners to affordably upgrade their homes with renewable energy solutions through a range of lending & leasing options.

Partner With Us

We believe the residential energy crisis will only be solved by a strong alliance of entrepreneurs who act quickly and independently, on a local level. That’s why we are building a group of experienced home services & installation companies that are contributing to the energy transition with our support.

Create a future worth living with us

If you are an entrepreneur – and your company focuses on the sale, installation and operation of HVAC systems and / or heat pumps, then we’d like to get to know you. We’re also interested in hearing from you if you specialise in solar applications, energy storage or charging infrastructure for EVs. We buy businesses with amazing teams and invest in them to build the infrastructure that helps them grow to become local leaders.
Create a new future

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