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We take care of everything for you, from start to finish, so that you don't have to worry about your boiler installation

What we offer

We only install A-rated, energy-efficient condensing boilers by the leading manufacturers to ensure that as much heat from exhaust gases as possible is converted into heat. And because all of our boilers are more than 90% efficient, you'll save money on your energy bills.

Combi boilers

Combination Boilers

Combi boilers are very cost-effective and energy efficient since water is heated on demand. Suited to all fuel types, combi boilers require less space than other boiler types as they don’t require a hot water storage cylinder. Choose this type of boiler if you live in a flat or a small house.

Highly energy efficient (90% on average) and cost-effective

Requires minimum amount of space

Best option for smaller homes or flats

System Boiler

System Boilers

A system boiler sits between a combi boiler and a conventional boiler since it combines a hot water storage cylinder with an internal hot water system. This allows it to supply hot water to multiple taps at the same time, making them ideal for homes with more than one bathroom. System boilers combine high efficiency and performance with great environmental benefits.

More powerful than combi boilers

Ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms

No need for a water storage cylinder in the loft

Conventional boilers

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers are connected to a hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank in the loft, which is either open vented or sealed. Replacing a conventional boiler requires minimum changes (if any) to your existing heating system. Choose a conventional boiler if you have more than two bathrooms and/or older radiators as the water pressure is lower than with combi or system boilers.

An excellent choice for homes with high water consumption

Best option for low/weak water pressure

Ideal for homes with more than 2 bathrooms

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls

Our range of smart heating controls includes Hive Smart Thermostat, which allows you to remotely control your heating on your smartphone from wherever you are. It's so smart that it learns from you, adapts to your schedule, and even turns the heating off if nobody is at home to help you save energy. After all, you wouldn't want the heating turned on when nobody is at home, would you? You're welcome!

Control your heating remotely with the Hive Thermostat

Adapts to your schedule and learns from you

Helps you save energy and money

Limescale Reducers

Limescale Reducers

Limescale reducers put a stop to limescale in your heating system, make it more efficient, and can extend your boiler's life. We at HomeTree believe your boiler deserves just as much - if not more - love as your kettle when it comes to limescale. After all, who likes scaly bits in their cuppa?

Prevents limescale from building up in your system

Makes your boiler more energy efficient and extends its life

Saves you money in the long term

Magnetic Filter

Magnetic Filter

The MagnaClean professional filter offers on-going protection for your heating system by removing any magnetic and non-magnetic particles that would otherwise create thick black sludge deposits responsible for a significant drop of boiler efficiency. But wait, there's more! Not only does it allow you to do that extra bit for the environment by having a more efficient boiler, it can reduce your heating bills by up to 6% too.

Effective magnetic and non-magnetic filtration

Save money on heating and maintenance bills

Reduced carbon emissions



A Powerflush removes sludge, rust and other nasty build-ups from your heating system. This helps your heating system work more efficiently, which saves you money in the long term while allowing you to do your part for the environment. We recommend a powerflush before installing a new boiler if you haven't had one in the last 5 years.

Removes sludge and other nasty build-ups from your system

Keeps your heating syste healthy and efficient and saves you money

Highly recommended with a new boiler installation

Why install new energy-efficient products

Save Money By Reducing Your Energy Consumption

More energy-efficient boilers achieve more with less and are the best way to protect yourself against rising energy bills.

Enhance Your Home Comfort

Well-installed energy-saving boilers redefine home comfort. Start increasing the enjoyment of your home and enhance your life.

Support Local Businesses

Energy efficiency projects create and maintain local jobs.
Let's keep it local.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Live More Sustainably

With boilers being responsible for 60% of domestic energy consumption and CO2 emissions, an energy-efficient boiler is a great way to help the environment and ensure a brighter future.

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We take care of everything for you, from start to finish, so that you don't have to worry about your boiler installation