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Comparing Solar Batteries: Finding the Top Choice for UK Homes

Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

Solar panels used to be a luxury that the average household couldn’t afford, but the battle to reduce carbon emissions means government grants are allowing people across the UK access to clean energy. 

An average household can save over £1,000 annually on energy bills by installing solar panels.

Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate energy, and batteries collect the electricity your panels produce, allowing you to access power when it’s dark or cloudy. 

Choosing the right batteries for your solar panels will generate electricity continuously and allow you to save hundreds on your energy bills. In this post, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about solar batteries, including the best brands available. 

How do solar batteries work?

The UK isn’t known for its endless sunshine and warm days. Excess clouds can impact your solar panel system’s ability to generate energy—but solar panel batteries offer consistency. 

As with all batteries, solar batteries store energy and enable you to use it as and when needed. While solar panels can generate consistent electricity, cloudy days and nights often mean people have to rely on their main supply. 

When your panels collect solar energy, batteries can store excess amounts for the evening or cloudy days. 

Choosing the right battery for your solar panel system promotes energy independence and ensures you maximise your investment. 

Choosing the right battery for your property 

When choosing a battery for your solar panel system, it’s essential to think about the size you’ll need and which brand will deliver the best results. The great thing about solar batteries is they come in all capacities and price points. 

Here’s what to consider when investing in a battery. 

Size and capacity 

Solar panel battery capacity is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hours). Batteries with high capacities can store higher amounts of energy – but this isn’t always necessary for smaller properties. 

Your battery’s output defines how it delivers energy, and understanding your building’s peak demand can help you determine the correct battery size. 

Battery size requirements by property size: 

  • Small homes and apartments: 3-5 kWh battery system. 
  • Properties with three to four bedrooms: 5-10 kWh system. 
  • Large buildings: 10kWh and above system. 


All batteries have a lifespan, and solar batteries are no exception. The cycle life defines the number of charges and discharges before the capacity drops. High-quality batteries will have longer lifespans, but your warranty is the most important thing. 

Opting for a lower-cost battery might better suit your immediate needs, but ensure the battery has good reviews. As long as it has a warranty, you’ll be able to get a free replacement should the battery fail. 


The cost of a battery depends on its manufacturer, size, and lifecycle. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a solar battery, but choosing a model that suits your power needs and will generate consistent electricity can give you peace of mind. 

Consider how much you’re willing to spend and determine a budget you’re comfortable with. Remember, budget batteries might not be very reliable.


Another crucial aspect is ensuring your solar panel battery is compatible with the inverter type.

Some manufacturers may design inverters to work with specific batteries, while others offer more flexibility. This compatibility is critical to the smooth operation of your solar panel system. 

Failing to factor in compatibility could pose serious risks, including fires and equipment damage. 

The best solar panel batteries available  

The popularity of solar panels and their widespread adoption mean that homes everywhere are benefitting from clean energy. This also means you can choose between various solar panel batteries at all capacities and price points. 

The following solar panel batteries consistently attract positive reviews from reputable manufacturers. Let’s examine the most popular choices. 

Tesla Powerwall Batteries 

If it comes from Tesla, you know it’s high-quality. These batteries pair perfectly with your solar panels, providing consistent electricity throughout the year. As a lithium-ion battery with rechargeable functions, it’s also energy efficient. 

The Tesla Powerwall 2 has a 13.5 kWh capacity, while the Powerwall 3 battery offers a 14 kWh capacity. As larger batteries, they’re best for expansive houses or businesses but are probably too expensive for smaller homes. 

Pylontech US300C

If you have a small solar panel system, the Pylontech US300C is a great way to maximise your clean energy generation without spending a fortune. It’s one of the cheaper batteries, costing £1,000 and has a 3.5 kWh capacity. 

While the battery won’t work in larger buildings, its affordability, durability and high depth of discharge make the Pylontech US300C a wise investment. 

Huawei Luna2000-10

The Huawei Luna solar panel battery offers a 10 kWh capacity and integrates into large solar panel systems. If your current system isn’t producing enough power, the battery can facilitate seamless generation throughout the day. 

With a 100% DoD (depth of discharge), all stored energy can be used before recharging. The extra safety features increase the price, but at £7,500, it’s not the most expensive battery. 

Solax Triple Power 6.3 

The Solax Triple Power battery is an excellent option if you have low to medium power needs. It offers a 90% DoD rate and can also provide backup power, depending on your home energy setup. 

It’s also one of the more affordable options available, providing a capacity of 6.3 kWh for just £2,500. While Solax isn’t as well-known as Tesla and Huawei, the batteries are available for UK homes and boast reliability. 

LG Chem RESU 16H

Homes with high power needs often have to accept that lower battery storage is the only available option for their budget. The LG Chem RESU is a high-capacity solar panel battery offering 16 kWh for £7,600. 

With backup functionality, the battery provides continuous power of 7 kW, enabling it to power high-consumption appliances and air conditioning systems. Its long lifespan of up to 25 years is also a significant selling point. 

Ready to explore solar panels?

The UK climate might be notoriously unreliable, but solar panel batteries ensure your home receives a consistent, clean energy supply. When choosing the correct battery for your needs, remember to consider how much you’re willing to spend and its capacity. 

If you’re interested in solar panel installation, we would love to help you harness the power of the sun. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right panels to ensuring a seamless installation. Contact us today to receive a personalised consultation and a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs.

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