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Hometree has had an amazing year

As a company we have been around for 5 years now. Our mission has always been to improve the way homeowners look after their homes and provide them with unparalleled peace of mind.

We started our journey by giving homeowners a new digital way to install a boiler but last year we realised that there was a huge opportunity in the home cover space. Customers are paying huge sums of money each month to look after their heating, electrics and plumbing and getting poor service in return. They are then rewarded with unexplained price hikes at renewal. We thought that this isn't right and felt that we could change it.

We've had an amazing year and grown incredibly fast

We launched homecover in April 19 and our subscription revenue has grown 75% each quarter. We knew people wanted a new fresh alternative to help them look after their homes but we didn't realise that we would get this much attention this early. And despite the global economic climate and the warm weather we are growing faster than ever.


And as we expected, customers are switching to us from the most well known companies in this industry.


And they're ecstatic about it!

Having been with Homeserve for the past 4 years, Hometree is a breath of fresh air. A team of people that are willing to help, responsive, and just provide an amazing service. Haven't felt the need to look at anyone else, the only focus is to get all landlord cover over with this company. Wait times don't fear no more, Homeserve takes about 2hrs out of your day. This lot a matter of minutes at most.

Joseph Ball

We believe in great customer experiences and we are getting better all the time

The main reason we are growing so quickly is that we are providing the quality that we can actually be proud of.

We use a metric called NPS (net promoter score) to measure how happy our customers are. This is widely used by many industries, insurance included, to measure how frustrated or satisfied customers really are. Nowadays, NPS is considered the most predictive of the two. NPS ranges between -100 (you’re in trouble) to +100 (your customers would marry you if they could).

In the UK the average insurance-type company has a rating of 16%. We are now above 70% (above Apple and Amazon). And what's more impressive is that our NPS is almost the same for claims as it is for sign-up. Normally, insurance companies put all their effort into getting customers to sign up and when it comes to claiming they let customers down. Not us - in June our NPS scores for sign up and claims were pretty much the same!


We believe in listening to customers and actually looking after them in their time of need

We know that the last few months have been very tough for all of us but we realised that it was really tough for NHS workers that were going to work every day and risking their lives to look after us all. We wanted to do something for them as we didn't want them to add their homes to the list of things they were worried about. We decided to give our amazing products away for free to any NHS worker whether they were an existing customer or a new one - no strings attached.

We have been so humbled by the response to this and are really proud that we could do our bit to help those who have been vital during the pandemic.

Hometree proactively reached out to its customers during the Covid19 lockdown period and helped support the NHS and its workers during that time.


What's next for Hometree

We've had an amazing year but the next year is even more exciting. We know we are no where near perfect yet and have a great list of things that have been suggested by our customers that we are hoping to get done over the next 24 months. See below for a small taster of things to come!

  • Electrical appliances, Windows and Roofs - we want to look after more of your home so you have one place to go to solve all your needs.
  • Book an engineer online in seconds - we know most people want to call us when they need a repair as speaking to a human is reassuring when its an emergency. We, therefore, focused on making our phone lines as amazing as possible. However many customers also want the opportunity to book online, especially for non-emergencies.
  • Engineer tracking - waiting in for an engineer is not fun. Its hard to know exactly when the engineer will finish his/her previous job but we can do the next best thing to keep you as updated as possible so you know if you have time to pop to the shops.
  • Smart home devices - tech is changing the way we can look after our homes. Our customers want us to help them understand which devices are best for them.