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How to secure windows from break-ins

Did you know homes with no security measures are five times more likely to get burgled? Criminals will always look for the easiest (and most inconspicuous) access to your home and more often than not, it’s a window.

Ensuring proper windows security measures are in place can make a huge difference to the overall safety of your home. After all, the harder it is for burglars to get in, the less likely they are to target your property.

Here we’ll share how to secure your windows and prevent window break ins.

How to keep your windows secure

Fit keyed window locks

If you’re looking to improve upvc window security or you have another type of window installed, it’s essential to buy and install keyed locks. These are the best window locks to prevent burglary. Some windows, like those made from upvc, may come with keyed locks (usually fitted in the handle) as standard.

All ground floor windows should have strong, working locks. You may also want to consider locks for windows upstairs, if they could be easily accessed by standing on a wall or something in your garden, like a bin or piece of furniture.

Make sure you lock all windows before leaving your home and keep your keys hidden out-of-sight.

Install security film / laminated glass

Another way you can help burglar proof windows is by installing security film or laminated glass for anti shatter glass protection. The film or lamination is usually made of polyester and will hold your window together if it is smashed or shattered.

Keep in mind that this may not stop a burglar from entering your home, as with persistence, they still may be able to work their way through the protective film. However, it will delay their efforts and make gaining entrance a lot harder, which could put them off, as there is a greater risk of getting caught.

Fit stops on sash windows

If you want to be able to enjoy a little fresh air and improved ventilation, we’d suggest installing stops on your sash windows. This will greatly improve your sash window security, as stops will prevent a burglar from being able to open them wide enough to climb through.

We’d always suggest shutting and locking your windows before leaving the home.

Fit sash jammers on upvc windows

Improve upvc window security by installing sash jammers on your windows. These devices prevent anyone from being able to open your upvc windows. They’re cheap to buy and relatively easy to fit. Sash jammers can also be fitted onto UPVC doors.

Be aware that over time, your sash jammers will begin to wear out and lose their effectiveness. There have been many cases of people getting locked out of their homes or unable to access windows because their sash jammers have broken. As soon as they become loose, replace the sash jammers on your upvc windows.

Consider window grilles or bars

Window grilles and bars aren’t likely to be high on the list of things to buy for your home. They’re not the prettiest things out there and they will restrict the view out of your windows.

However, window grilles and bars are great for improving windows security. Acting as a barrier between the glass window and the rest of your home, they’ll prevent burglars from easily accessing your property, even if they manage to smash the window.

Some window grilles and bars are fixed but you can buy a collapsible kind too. The latter would be useful if you don’t want to restrict your window views but would like the extra security when you leave the house.

Window grilles and bars can be a little tricky to fit, so we’d suggest calling in a professional to do it for you.

Buy window alarms

One of the best ways you can step up your window security is to install alarms on your windows. There are many alarms available triggered by vibration or someone opening a window. The sound of an alarm is almost certain to stop a burglar in their tracks and deter them from attempting to break into your home.

Installing new windows? Consider PAS 24:2016

If you are planning on replacing your existing windows or choosing windows for a newly built property, we suggest choosing a design with PAS 24:2016 accreditation. This is a benchmark of quality used for windows security.

PAS 24:2016 guarantees that the production of a window has been monitored and tested by an independent and certified company so that it meets the agreed industry standard. PAS 24 windows are tested on how long they will keep intruders out of a property, not just with their locks but the overall strength of the frame and structure of the glazing.

Tests can include:

  • Applying pressure to the window corners to test the glazing bead, which holds in the window
  • Using tools in an attempt to prize open the window
  • Using tools to break the window frame and identify any areas of vulnerability

If you want to benefit from the best window security, it’s definitely worth starting by installing windows that meet the top security standards.

Other useful home window security tips

Move valuables away from your windows – Never leave expensive items where burglars can easily see or reach them from your windows.

Don’t leave your calendar on view – Make sure you don’t leave your calendar where burglars could see it through the window. If they can see when you’ve got appointments or will be going away, they can plan to target your house when they know you’ll be out.

Check locks with your home insurance provider – Make sure the locks you have installed on your windows are accepted by your home insurance provider. If you don’t have the right locks on your windows and someone breaks into your home, you may not be able to make a claim.

So there we have our top tips for achieving good windows security. Follow them closely and take the necessary action to prevent criminals from gaining easy access to your home.

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