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What is white goods insurance?

‘White goods’ is a term used to describe a wide range of large household appliances commonly found in the home. Fridges, fridge-freezers, washing machines and cookers are common white good appliances. Other common examples of kitchen white goods are tumble dryers, dishwashers, water heaters, microwaves and air conditioners. Kitchen white goods are also known as electrical white goods.

What is a white good?

Historically, the term ‘white goods’ refers to large kitchen appliances, which are white enamel-coated, and electrical. Nowadays, kitchen white goods are made in a variety of colours and finishes but they still come under the generic heading of ‘White Goods’.

Is white goods cover the same as white goods Insurance?

White goods cover offers individual householders protection for single white good appliances, or a group of white goods, against breakdown and white goods repairs. Like many types of household insurance cover, it aims to bridge the gap between the manufacturers’ warranty offered on the product, and any cover offered by your standard home insurance policy.

White goods insurance provides white goods breakdown insurance cover and offers protection against white goods repairs. It gives the householder peace of mind that they will not be faced with large call out charges and repair bills for the domestic appliances they use every day. So if you search for white goods insurance online you will find that white goods cover and white goods insurance are terms used interchangeably.

What is the manufacturer warranty?

Most manufacturers’ warranty on electrical white goods or kitchen white goods lasts one or two years, after the initial purchase of the new product. Many manufacturers offer an extended warranty package after this period to their consumers but this is essentially white goods insurance cover. If this additional package isn’t offered by the product manufacturer, you can source a bespoke white goods insurance policy on the internet. You will find a number of domestic appliance insurers offer white goods cover for specific kitchen white goods or multiple electrical white goods products.

How do you source white goods insurance online?

It’s important that you are specific when you search for your white goods insurance online. If you search using a term like white goods com, you are unlikely to get a list of white goods insurance companies. Similarly, if you are in the UK, and search for white goods UK, you will bring up results for white goods appliances for sale, rather than white goods insurance products.

What is included in white goods insurance?

Most domestic white goods insurance offers white goods cover for:

  • Breakdown of domestic appliances caused by a mechanical defect
  • Cover against the cost of call out, labour and parts
  • Accidental damage

The policy may last between one and five years, depending on the age of the domestic appliance when it is insured. Flexibility is also offered for the potential policyholder to decide how long to insure their white goods for. However it must not exceed the age limit the insurer places on insuring domestic appliances.

Most white goods insurance doesn’t offer cover against:

  • Cosmetic damage of your kitchen white goods, unless it affects their ability to operate. So small dents in the casing, chips in the paintwork, or any cosmetic damage that is attributable to wear and tear is unlikely to be covered under a white goods insurance policy.
  • Electrical white goods over a specified age may not be covered. The age limit used by most insurance companies is eight years old but check the policy closely because it may be less than this.

Other common exclusions are:

  • Call out charges may not be covered if no fault is found with the appliance.
  • Replacement of consumables, like batteries, bulbs or fuses.
  • Pre-existing faults prior to the inception of the white goods cover.
  • Breakdowns will not be covered for domestic appliances that are currently covered by manufacturers’ guarantee or warranty.
  • If your white goods insurance offers a replacement product if your domestic appliance cannot be repaired. Due to irreparable damage, or unavailability of parts. Delivery and installation charges relating to a replacement domestic appliance may not be covered.
  • If your property is left unattended for more than 30 days, in common with other household insurance policies, your appliance cover will not be valid.
    Non-accidental damage to the domestic appliance will not be covered.
  • If the domestic appliance has not been used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it may not be covered by your white goods insurance. An example of this would be where a tumble dryer has been repeatedly overloaded resulting in damage to the machine.
  • If you use a repair engineer not authorised by the insurance company.
    White goods insurance and white goods breakdown insurance cover usually only covers individual households and not business use. If you want to white goods insurance for white goods used in your business, there are bespoke policies available for business owners.

Is white goods insurance worth the cost?

Insurance is designed to protect the policyholder against unforeseen events that may lead to unexpected cost to rectify. The same principle applies to white goods insurance. Before you take out individual white goods cover or multiple white goods insurance, you need to be sure that it will actually save you money if your domestic appliance breaks down and requires a repair.

Just to recap:

  • Make sure that your domestic appliance isn’t already covered by the manufacturer warranty. White goods insurance policies won’t pay out for repairs if your domestic appliance is already covered by a guarantee or the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ensure that the domestic appliance or multiple appliances are covered. Notably, they must not exceed the age limit for cover (usually eight years but check the policy before you sign up for it.)
    Check whether your policy offers a replacement appliance if yours cannot be repaired.
  • If a replacement product is not offered as part of the policy, check how much it would cost to have your domestic appliance repaired and replaced, including call out charges. This will inform you whether white goods insurance is cost-effective for you.
  • Multiple white goods insurance policies can save you money. It’ll also be easier to manage one policy for all your eligible machines. These are often discounted with each appliance added and make economic sense.

White goods insurance is an important consideration for white goods not covered by manufacturer guarantees or extended warranties. Check your policy carefully to ensure it meets your needs and will protect you against unforeseen costs. Particularly check what is excluded from the policy to ensure you are safely covered.

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