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Why you need an annual gas fire service


Domestic gas fires are a hassle-free alternative to open fires or multi-fuel burners. They provide instantaneous, direct heat for your family home, at the turn of a switch. Whilst gas fires do not require manually refuelling, they are not totally maintenance-free.

An annual gas fire service is an essential household cost for gas fire owners. The three main reasons for an annual gas fire service are:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Warranty

Gas fire safety

If your gas fire is faulty, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and leaks from flues. Therefore, it’s important that your domestic gas fires are cleaned and routinely maintained. A gas fire safety check must be undertaken by a registered gas safe registered engineer, as part of your wider gas safety checks. The annual gas fire service also includes gas fire cleaning, which will remove any soot or debris that may stop the appliance running safely.

Gas fire efficiency

Aside from the important safety aspect of regular gas fire maintenance, there are also efficiency benefits of having an annual gas fire service. The gas safe registered engineer will strip the gas fire down to check the main components, and thoroughly clean these. Firing up the gas fire will check it is working properly, with the correct type of flame. Testing the gas pressure ensures it complies with the manufacturer’s standards for the appliance. The checks and appropriate remedial action ensure optimum running of your gas fire, whilst possibly reducing gas bills and using less gas to produce the same amount of heat.

Gas fire warranty

Most gas fires will come packaged with a manufacturer’s warranty which requires you to have your boiler serviced annually. If you don’t have an annual service, this may invalidate the warranty. This means that you will have to pay for parts for gas fire repairs. The annual gas fire service makes economic sense, as well as having the safety and efficiency benefits outlined previously.

Gas fire service cost

The gas fire service cost is dependent on several factors:

  • Location
  • Type of gas fire
  • Age of gas fire
  • The size of the company that the gas safe registered engineer works for

It’s important to note that if you have gas fire cover or protection, it’s unlikely that you will have to pay for a one-off gas fire service. You will only have to pay the usual monthly or annual cost for your protection and arrange your gas fire service accordingly as part of your regular safety checks.

Gas fire location

Location affects the cost of a gas fire service if you live in a remote area; you are likely to pay a premium for your annual gas fire service or annual boiler service to cover the travel costs. Similarly, in more remote locations, there are likely to be less gas safe registered engineers, and so they can charge a premium for their services.

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Type of gas fires

Some gas fires are more complex. Gas fires with a back boiler are more complicated to service than standalone gas fires. The service will take longer. This means the gas fire service cost is greater.

Age of gas fires

Older gas fires are usually more difficult to service and need more cleaning, increasing the gas fire service cost. Also, due to the age of the gas fire, it may be more complicated due to a lack of parts.

Size of the company

Larger companies may charge more than individual gas engineers. However, the gas fire service cost is likely to fall within the £45 to £60 range. Fluctuations in the gas fire service cost can be minimised by taking out gas fire insurance or a care package.

Many householders want to find a local gas safe registered engineer and look for a gas fire service near me. If you take out a care package, contractors are often locally based.

Why do you need an annual gas fire service?

Safety is the primary motivator to have an annual gas fire service. Is an annual gas safety check enough to ensure that your gas fire is running safely? Regular gas fire maintenance should ensure your appliance is safe but watch out for the warning signs below that may indicate that gas fire repairs are necessary…

  • A sluggish yellow flame on the burner, rather than a blue vigorous flame
  • Marks around the burner, or on the gas fire casing, particularly soot marks
  • An increase in the amount of condensation in the room where the gas fire is

The presence of any of these factors means you should call in the experts, as you may need gas fire repairs. Thankfully, if you have an annual gas fire service, the likelihood of repairs between services is reduced.


The answer to the question, ‘why you need an annual gas fire service’ is to ensure that your gas fire runs efficiently, according to manufacturers’ standards and to comply with the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Most of which, stipulate an annual gas fire service or an annual boiler service, (for gas fires with back boilers), to comply with the warranty.

Finally, and most importantly to ensure that your gas fire is safe. Remember, poorly maintained gas fires are likely to be dangerous. The chance of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is increased and this can cause severe illness and death. There is an increased fire risk from a poorly maintained gas fire. The chance of gas leaks from associated pipework also increases without regular gas fire maintenance.

So, don’t risk your safety, ensure you have an annual gas fire service. Check out our Hometree care packages to see if one suits your needs.

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