What does a boiler service include?

Each Hometree boiler service will include the following:

  • Visual checks of the boiler
  • The opening of the boiler with inspection (if necessary)
  • Flue gas efficiency test and ventilation checks for Gas Safety
  • Visual checks of the hot water cylinder for any leaking pipes (regular and system heating systems)
  • Checks that the boiler fires properly
  • Checks of the system’s pressure
  • Cleaning of the condensate trap
  • Written confirmation of the annual boiler service.

If you have selected one of our Landlord Cover Packages, this service will also include:

  • Inspection of your gas meter (legal requirement for landlords)
  • Inspection of your gas pipework (legal requirement for landlords) Gas Safety Certificate.
  • If we find a problem or fault that needs to be fixed, we’ll tell you about it and we will fix it at the time or at a subsequent call out.