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Hometree mice

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The Field family living in our Hometree

It's the time of the year when the Field family love to feel warm and cosy inside; especially during bath and play time.


The Field Family


Robert Field

Robert, known as 'Rob' by his friends, is 37 years old and a devoted husband and father. Rob works hard as a landscape gardener and is a keen craftsman around the house. You can see a lot of Rob's handiwork around the Hometree - such as the lovely acorn sink in the bathroom, held up by a thimble (He's very clever like that).

Mary Field

34-year-old Mary studied music and now fits being a devoted mother around being a piano tutor. Mary met Robert on holiday ten years ago where he said he had never met such a witty and smart mouse. Mary is artistic, and helped design the impressive hand-carved staircase in Hometree, which is the talk of the woods. Mary has a keen eye for home decor and DIY.


Thomas Field

Thomas is just 18 months of age but his personality is certainly sprouting out and keeping Mary and Rob on their toes! Thomas has a great time going on adventures with his parents, loves cheese and biscuits and getting thoroughly messy. Bathtime is a firm favourite of all the family - but who doesn't love a good splash in the warmth of their home?

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