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Landlord multi-property offer £100 free voucher

Receive a £100 Amazon voucher for each additional property you sign up today. Call us now or request a callback to take advantage of this offer!

Your Home


  • Repairs to your gas boiler, flue and controls, including faults that prevent you from controlling the timings or temperature of your boiler
  • Annual boiler service included

Included in these packages...


  • Repairs to the wider central heating system, including radiators, water tanks, pipes and cylinders

Included in these packages...


  • Repairs to your home's plumbing system and the parts of your water supply pipe that you’re responsible for

Included in these packages...

Drains and Waste Pipes

  • Repairs to and unblocking of your home’s drains and waste pipes to restore flow within your property boundary

Included in these packages...



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What people are saying

Signed up for landlord service recently and already had a good feeling because of the positive experience with the process and communication of signing up - it's clearly a company that takes the customer experience very seriously.


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Hassle-free repairs within 24 hours

90% of emergency repairs are completed within 24 hours and can be organised by you or your tenant.

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Keep your tenants gas safe

All of our landlord care plans include a FREE Landlord Gas Safety Certificate along with your annual boiler service and checks of all gas appliances.

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See an engineer at a time that works for you

No unfair price hikes

Our care packages provide amazing value for money. They are a low monthly fee and we promise we won’t hike your renewal prices unfairly.

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Landlord care plans you can trust

Our Landlords rate us "Excellent" on Trustpilot, so you can trust us to look after your properties.

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