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Tailor-made landlord boiler cover

Home emergency cover built to remove the hassle from your letting your property portfolio and maximise returns.

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Multi-property offer - £75 free voucher

Receive a £75 Amazon voucher for each additional property signed up to Hometree*.

*Call us to redeem this offer. Offer only applies to the first four additional properties. After which you'll receive £30 for each additional property. Essentials customers are not eligible for this promotion.

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All-inclusive gas fire protection

Enjoy peace of mind with our gas fire cover add-on, including an annual gas fire service.

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Signed up for landlord service recently and already had a good feeling because of the positive experience with the process and communication of signing up - it's clearly a company that takes the customer experience very seriously.


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Complete Boiler Protection

Our affordable boiler cover protection packages provide total cover, 365 days a year.

Hometree's nationwide network of Gas Safe boiler engineers are ready and waiting in an emergency.

Our helpline is staffed 24/7/365 and we'll deal directly with your tenants. This means you can sit back, relax and enjoy total boiler safety wherever you are in the world.

We'll also provide all the essential checks too, including the annual Gas Safety Check and certificate (CP12)

The best bit? Boiler cover costs can be as low as 56p per day!

Landlord cover includes:

Boiler breakdown cover
Emergency call-outs if your boiler breaks
Free annual boiler service
Gas Safety Check and Certificate (CP12)
Parts and labour for all boiler issues
On-call support from UK-based heating engineers
Nationwide coverage
Unlimited call-outs
All work completed by Gas safe registered plumbing engineers

Why do I need boiler cover?

Can you have complete confidence that your central heating system and boiler are working, 365 days a year? If your boiler breaks, you'll be glad you have dedicated landlord boiler cover.

Our boiler cover packages are ideal for landlords who want a complete safety solution. We can ensure your tenants enjoy a hot water supply and a warm home at all times.

As well as boiler repair, our Gas Safe Engineers perform safety checks to heating plumbing systems you need to complete, including the 12-monthly boiler service and CP12.

We aim to respond within 24 hours and should be able to restore the hot water supply or fix a broken boiler during our visit using approved parts. We’ll deal directly with your tenants, too.

You can pay for your boiler cover per month at a low cost per property.

What happens if my boiler is broken?

Sometimes, boilers break. If they do, we'll do our best to fix the problem quickly and with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

Whatever the problem with your boiler, we'll find it and fix it.

Common issues include issues with the hot water supply and boiler and central heating breakdowns. You may have an issue with the boiler controls and electrics, the plumbing, and gas supply.

Our emergency call-out service is on-hand for your tenants too. Trust us, if your tenants are having problems with your boiler, heating system, or hot water, you'll know about it quickly.

You or your tenants can call our UK-based helpline to make a claim, and we'll get the ball rolling. Our helpline is staffed 24/7 by our emergency team of experts. Here's what you get:

  • Fault-finding - Our engineers will come to your property and diagnose the problem.
  • High-quality boiler repairs - We will perform repairs using approved replacement parts. Using officially licensed parts ensures we don't invalidate your boiler warranty during our emergency repairs. You also got a complete parts labour guarantee on the work we carry out on your gas boiler.
  • Affordable cover - Depending on the insurance you have chosen, you could be covered for the total cost of all boiler breakdown repairs, labour included.
  • We focus on a fix - We aim to fix your boiler if we can. However, if the maximum cost per repair is higher than the cost of a replacement boiler, we'll let you know.
  • Total protection - We provide complete parts and labour cover for your property portfolio, including unlimited call-outs.

Worried about costs? We'll provide a complete breakdown of services, including what's covered in your insurance policy, in your personalised quote.

You'll also find details of any insurance excess you may be liable for.

You won't be covered for any pre-existing issues with your boiler and central heating system.

Is my boiler covered?

Our landlord insurance for boilers covers all makes and models from all manufacturers. When you complete your boiler cover quote, we'll ask you for details of what boiler you have in each property.

Don't know what boiler you've got? Check the logo to find the manufacturer and check it over to find the model. It's usually found near the controls and electrics.

In most cases, we can respond to breakdown emergencies within 24-hours timeframe. That should keep your tenants happy!

A Gas Safety Check and Certificate for your property? Yes please!

As part of our cover, you'll get a Gas Safety Check and Certificate for your rental property. Let's look at these in more detail:

Gas boiler safety checks

All gas appliances need to be checked every year by a gas safe registered engineer. When all checks have been completed, you'll receive a Landlord Gas Safety Record or Gas Safety certificate which details everything we've done.

Every landlord must-have a gas safety certificate for every property with a gas boiler. No ifs or buts.

Gas safety record

Once you've performed all gas safety checks, you'll need to provide a gas safety record to your tenants. The CP12 demonstrates that you have completed all checks and that the property is safe.

You'll need to give your tenants a copy of the gas safety record within 28 days of the checks being carried out.

Service your boiler

You need to ensure your boiler is serviced every year. During a boiler service, a qualified Gas Safe engineer will check over your boiler.

We look in more detail about what's included in an annual boiler service below.

What happens during an annual boiler service?

Your annual boiler service is a crucial part of your boiler cover package, but precisely what do you get for your money?

  • Visual checks – Your gas safe approved engineer will check that your boiler still meets current standards. They will check the boiler over and look at the gas supply and all other pipework. They'll check the boiler's flame. If the central heating is on, they'll check that your central heating radiators are working during the boiler service. It's a complete heating plumbing check.
  • Boiler casing removal – During a boiler service, your engineer will then remove the boiler casing. They'll check and test all essential components, including the controls, the heat exchanger, burner, spark probe and injector. They will then give your boiler a quick clean, leaving it looking as good as new.
  • Gas pressure checks – Your gas boiler needs to be operating at the optimum pressure to power the central heating system, so this is another thing your engineer will check during your boiler service.
  • Boiler fire-up and test - Once the boiler has been cleaned and tested, your engineer will fire it up and ensure it's in tip-top condition.
    External checks - Your engineer will check the flue, ensuring there are no blockages that could obstruct harmful fumes from escaping.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our services.

Is my boiler service included?

Yes, you receive a free yearly boiler service as part of your boiler insurance cover package.

We cover boiler types of all ages and from all makes and manufacturers.

Do you provide a gas safety certificate?

Yes. You'll receive a Gas Safety Certificate every year as part of your central heating cover plan.

How much does boiler insurance cover cost?

Hometree boiler cover can cost as little as 56p a day per property.

The costs of your landlord cover insurance package will depend on your service agreement, the age of your boiler and other factors.

We can provide you with the lowest cost quote per month, including issuing a gas safety certificate (CP12). Our engineers can service gas safety appliances.

How do I pay for landlord boiler insurance?

Like your car insurance or home insurance, you can choose to pay for your boiler breakdown cover every month.

When you choose one of our landlord boiler insurance packages, you'll be covered the day you sign up. However, you can't claim until 14-days after your repair cover has started.

We don't cover you from any pre-existing issues with your boiler or central heating system.

Hometree is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for our boiler cover packages. We are licensed to provide financial services, including the sale of insurance products.

What is included in my cover?

We provide all the annual boiler safety checks, including your annual service CP12 certificate (called a Gas Safety certificate). In a boiler breakdown or emergency, we will attempt to repair your boiler.

Our customers are covered for all aspects of your boiler, including the electrics, boiler controls and essential internal components.

Depending on your package, you may need to pay a small extra cost for call outs or repairs. Check your home care service agreement documents for details on the call out fee.

What isn't included in my cover?

We don't deal with plumbing problems or issues with your plumbing drainage system. We only work on natural gas boilers, not electric boilers.

You may be covered on landlord buildings insurance policies. Some provide drainage cover and home security cover too. It's worth checking before making a claim.

Will you fix my central heating system?

We can deal with heating plumbing issues, such as a lack of water flow to the boiler, or issues with boiler controls.

Our Gas Safe Engineers will assess the problem to see if it's an economical repair. If it is, we'll get it working as soon as possible.

We can't fix issues with your gas supplies, central heating systems, warm air systems, or pre-existing faults.

Your landlord insurance policy covers rental properties. Landlord cover does not include your own home.

How can I let you know there's a boiler problem?

Hometree's landlord's boiler cover customers can call our helpline 24 hours a day to report an issue or emergency. Our engineers will attempt to fix your boiler using genuine replacement parts.

Your monthly direct debit covers you for unlimited call-outs and repairs in your low per month payment. We offer a complete parts labour guarantee on all work too.

Are you COVID-19 safe?

We take the safety of our customers and engineers seriously and will protect your tenants too. Our services are all COVID 19 safe.

How many repairs can I claim for?

Our landlord boiler and central heating cover includes unlimited call-outs while you're covered. No matter how many repairs you need, you're protected.

Depending on which one of our home cover service plans you choose, there may be a call-out fee. (Check your insurance policy documents).

How much does it cost?

Speak to our contact centre and we'll provide a price for your home care service agreement. Costs can be as low as 56p per day.

Every year we'll send you details of your renewal price. All renewal prices reflect ongoing operating costs, but we aim to keep your monthly cost as low as possible. Don't worry, we'll contact you long before your renewal date.

Can I trust Hometree?

Hometreee is UK based and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide landlord over. Landlord's boiler cover is insurance designed specifically for heating systems in a rental property.