British Gas or Homeserve renewal sky high? We’ll never hike your renewal price if you don’t claim

…and even if you do claim, our increases are considerably less too. Introducing our no-price hike promise, exclusive to Hometree.

20% Second year hike

54%Second year hike

3% Typical RPI inflation

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Our "no price hike" promise to you

Renewal price increase even though you’ve not made a claim?

We don’t believe it’s fair for customers to have to accept price hikes when they haven’t even made a claim. That’s why unlike some of our competitors, we aim to never increase your prices above inflation if you haven’t made a claim.

And even when you have made a claim with us, our renewal is still cheaper.

If you have needed to claim in the last year we will need to increase your price a bit as your system is now a bit riskier. We do this to keep the prices as low as possible for others, but we make sure that these renewal prices are still generally lower than our competitors as you can see below:

We only put the price up slightly if customers have had a callout.

This is not to penalise you for using the service but simply to reflect the fact that the system is a little riskier. We hope to have given you a great experience throughout the repair and so we find they are happy to pay a little more.

Your renewal price will be based on only two things:

The number of call outs – we look at the number of call-outs you had in the last year. The fewer call outs you have, the lower the increase will be.

Inflation –the cost of labour and parts goes up in line with RPI inflation (typically 3%). We therefore need to increase our prices in line with this.

What does this actually mean for prices at renewal?

The table below shows renewal prices for customers that have renewed recently.

  • Number of callouts
    Percentage price increase (above inflation)
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Note: Based on renewal as of February 21st 2021. These prices may change over time. We will always let you know your renewal price 30 days before your renewal. See the latest RPI inflation here.