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Our “no price hike” promise

What do we mean by "no call outs, no price hikes"?

We know it’s very frustrating when our competitors increase your prices without any explanation. It is even more frustrating to get a price hike when you haven’t even had a call out. This is why we promise that we will not unfairly hike your price if you haven’t had a call out. We work out what your price is 30 days before renewal so we can be as transparent as possible.

Your renewal price will be based on two things:

  1. The number of call outs - we look at the number of call outs you had in the last year. The fewer call outs you have, the lower the increase will be. If you don’t have any call outs, your price won’t increase.
  2. Inflation - the cost of labour and parts goes up in line with inflation. We therefore need to increase our prices in line with this.

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