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Our “no price hike” promise

What do we mean by "no call outs, no price hikes"?

From speaking to customers, we know that it is very frustrating when the price goes up unexpectedly at renewal. Some of our competitors put prices up between 20-30% at renewal even if you haven't had a repair. We don't think that is right to penalise our loyal customers and therefore we have built a much more transparent pricing promise.

Your renewal price will be based on only two things:

  1. The number of call outs - we look at the number of call-outs you had in the last year. The fewer call outs you have, the lower the increase will be. If you don’t have any call outs, your price won’t increase.

  2. Inflation - the cost of labour and parts goes up in line with inflation. We therefore, need to increase our prices in line with this.
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We believe that this is a much fairer way of treating customers

Other providers put prices up for everyone without explanation - even if they haven't claimed. Customers who haven't had a claim have not experienced a benefit yet. We don't think it’s fair that they should pay any more in real terms for their next year.

We do put the price up slightly if customers have had a callout. This is not to penalise them for using the service but simply to reflect the fact that the system is a little riskier. We hope to have given them a great experience throughout the repair and so we find they are happy to pay a little more. The best bit is if they do not have a claim next year the price doesn’t go up!

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What does this actually mean for prices at renewal?

Part of the pain of the price hikes in the industry is that our competitors aren't transparent about what the price will be next year and why they have gone up.

The table below shows what renewal prices have been for customers based on their number of claims. You will note that even customers that have had 4+ claims get a smaller pricer increase than some of our competitors that put prices up 20-30% even if you haven't had a claim.

Number of calloutsPercentage price increase
(0% real terms increase)

Our customers say that they love this and appreciate the transparency...

Package renewal after first year. Only 33p increase in monthly cost. Have not had need to use my plan in the last 12 months. I was happy to renew my plan for a further 12 months.

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