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Your Home

Our most comprehensive care package protects your boiler, heating, drains and electrics.


You save up to 5% with annual (All contracts are 12 mths)

Call-out fee

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Or speak to our team on 0800 368 9881 or request a call back

Your Home


  • Repairs to your gas boiler, flue and controls, including faults that prevent you from controlling the timings or temperature of your boiler
  • Annual boiler service included

Included in these packages...


  • Repairs to the wider central heating system, including radiators, water tanks, pipes and cylinders

Included in these packages...


  • Repairs to your home's plumbing system and the parts of your water supply pipe that you’re responsible for

Included in these packages...

Drains and Waste Pipes

  • Repairs to and unblocking of your home’s drains and waste pipes to restore flow within your property boundary

Included in these packages...

Your Heating


£ 14 .50

per month

Your Boiler


£ 12 .95

per month

Pay annually & save up to 5%

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What's included?


  • An annual boiler service

  • Gas boiler, flue & controls

  • Wider central heating system, e.g. Radiators, cylinders, pipes

  • Plumbing & water supply pipes

  • Unblocking of drains & waste pipes

  • Mains electrical wiring system, e.g. circuits, fuse box, sockets, light fittings

  • Gas supply pipe (connects your gas appliances to your meter)

  • 15% discount off the price of a new boiler if we can’t fix it

Why Hometree?

  • No price hike promise
  • 90% of call-outs within 24 hours (including evenings & weekends)
  • Rated "Excellent" by our customers on Trustpilot
  • 96% of calls answered within a minute
  • Save up to 25% compared to other providers when switching

Not Included

  • Gas Fire Protection (add at checkout)

  • Removal of sludge, scale or repairing damage caused by this

  • Showers and Taps

  • Bathroom items such as sinks, toilet bowls and other ceramic items

  • Free replacement of your boiler (but we will pay 15% towards it if we install it)

  • Garden items

  • Outdoor Electrics and Heating

  • Accidental damage and faults caused by someone else you used for repairs or design faults

  • Household appliances like fridges and washing machines

Add Gas Fire Protection for an extra £9 per gas fire

Complete with an annual service and all repairs

How many are you looking to protect?

in your plan

What’s included


  • All repairs to the gas fire
  • The flue including the flue terminal up to one metre in length
  • An annual service

Not Included

  • Replacing your gas fire should we be unable to fix it
  • Any pre-existing faults
  • Gas fires without a flue

FAQs & Terms

How easy is it to switch?

It is extremely easy to switch. You can sign up in a matter of minutes and you’ll be protected right away. If you would like to join us when your current protection ends, you can delay your start date at checkout. You can often leave your current provider without paying any exit fees - just double check with them.

How long does my contract last for?

All of our contracts last for 12 months.

What are your response times?

90% of repairs are attended within 24 hours or at a time that suits you - even during evenings and weekends.

When can I make my first call-out?

No call-outs can be made for the first 14 days of your contract.

Will I get a price hike at renewal?

We don’t believe in unfairly hiking the price at renewal (like some of our competitors). Your renewal price will be determined by the number of call outs and inflation. If you haven’t had a call out then your price only goes up by inflation (usually 2%).

Is there a fee to pay if I arrange a call-out?

This depends on the type of contract you select. You can choose a contract with no call-out fee or a contract with a lower monthly fee but with a £60 or £95 call-out fee. If you select the £60 or £95 call-out fee, you will only pay once for each fault in the contract period. Our engineers will use their expertise to assess whether its the same fault.

My boiler is quite old, will you still protect it?

Yes, we protect boilers of all ages. Eventually the manufacturer will stop making spare parts, but we will keep trying to fix the issue unless we recommend a full boiler replacement. We will try to give you plenty of notice when this happens. We offer a 15% discount for replacing an old boiler.

Are repairs carried out by your own engineers?

We have a mixture of our own engineers, as well as a national network of subcontracted engineers. We work hard to fully vet these engineers and we have a rigorous process to check that they have completed their jobs properly. We call customers after every call out to check that they're happy and work quickly to fix things in the rare occasions the customer is not.

What our customers are saying

Called at 2pm on a Saturday, by 7pm engineer had been and sorted the problem. Friendly service from the engineer. A company that cares about the customer at last!


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