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Boiler insurance


Don’t be left out in the cold if your boiler breaks down. Whether it’s in the deepest depths of winter or a typical British summer, there’s nothing more annoying than being stuck with no hot water or central heating due to a broken boiler.

Boiler breakdowns can happen any time (usually at the worst time!), which is why boiler insurance is precisely what you need for your peace of mind. And with comprehensive boiler insurance cover you can relax knowing you'll be warm and toasty in no time.

What is boiler insurance?

Boiler insurance, also known as gas boiler insurance (depending on your boiler type), is a policy that protects you should anything go wrong with your boiler, and it covers the cost of repairs and parts should they become faulty. Most boiler insurance comes with annual service included, which is essential for keeping your boiler ticking over.

As well as the standard policy, there are different types of insurance available that also include other levels of protection for your home. All you have to do is decide which policy suits you the best. And if you need a hand choosing, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

What does boiler insurance cover?

Boiler insurance is designed to keep your boiler and controls protected, but it doesn’t cover your entire central heating system. Central heating cover however, will protect your boiler along with the controls, pipework, hot water cylinder and more. But it’s worth knowing that the majority of central heating claims are because of a broken boiler.

As part of boiler insurance cover, you should have an annual service included as standard. An annual service will check your boiler controls, as well as make sure the inner workings of the boiler are firing correctly and in full working order.

Some boiler insurance plans will only protect boilers up to a certain age, while others will protect boilers of all ages. If your boiler is old, eventually the manufacturer will stop making parts. In which case, some providers will recommend a full boiler replacement.

Do I need boiler insurance?

If you’re a homeowner or landlord, having boiler insurance cover will not only provide you with peace of mind should your boiler break down, it could also help you save money on call-out fees and repair bills in case of a fault in the near future.

While it’s quite common for your boiler to be covered under a standard manufacturer warranty, you might want to check the terms and conditions of your current warranty. Manufacturer warranties are unlikely to cover the cost of a boiler repair or breakdown if the fault has been caused by physical damage or by another area of your central heating, such as limescale build-up. And since warranties typically don’t cover certain repairs or breakdowns, you’d have to pay for any repairs out of your own pocket, which can easily run into hundreds of pounds. Don’t forget that you’ve still got to add in the cost of your annual service.

Whereas with boiler insurance, you won’t have to worry about forking out for any of that. Not to mention you’ll get repairs to your boiler controls and an annual boiler service, all included within a monthly or annual price. Not bad, hey?

I’m a landlord. Do I need cover for my buy-to-let?

As a landlord, you’ll know that the boiler in your rental property is your responsibility. Unless you already have boiler insurance in place, you could be responsible for any repair costs, plus call-out fees and labour charges.

If you want peace of mind for your property, and your tenants, then landlord boiler insurance cover is the right choice for you. Breakdowns are sorted without you having to search for local engineers or worry about finding the money to pay for expensive repairs – especially if you have multiple properties.

Plus, if you take out a policy, you’ll get a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR) as part of your annual service.

What types of boiler insurance are there?

Different insurance plans are built to make your life as simple as possible. There are typically three three levels of boiler insurance plans designed to protect key areas of the home for both homeowners and landlords.

If you’re a landlord, there are additional services included to help keep you and your properties remain compliant.

Here’s a handy overview of the three levels of boiler and heating insurance cover:

- Boiler cover

Standard boiler insurance cover includes an annual boiler service, along with checks of your flue and controls such as the thermostat or valves. If you’re a landlord you’ll also get a LGSR.

- Heating cover

This covers you for all the standard boiler services, plus you’ll get central heating checks and repairs. Landlords will also receive an LGSR.

- Home cover

Home cover includes everything you get with boiler and heating insurance cover plus plumbing, drains and home electric checks, along with any maintenance that needs to be carried out. Landlords also get an LGSR included.

Whichever level of cover you choose, you may also have the option to add extras to your plans. This could also include Gas Fire Protection offer, which includes an annual gas fire service, so your fire is also totally protected.

Important Information

Some providers offer insured plans to look after your Boiler and Heating and other home services like plumbing, drains and electrics, whereas other providers offer non-insured plans. An insured plan will be underwritten by an insurer and also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Non-insured plans are not backed by an insurer and are not regulated by the FCA. Often non-insured or maintenance plans include an annual service of the equipment covered, whereas these may or may not be included in insured plans.

Hometree offers a range of non-insured maintenance "care" plans all of which include an annual service visit.

What type of cover should I choose?

Boiler insurance cover is there for repairing and maintaining your boiler and its controls. Then we have heating cover. This is like boiler cover, but also includes your radiators, cylinders and pipes. Finally, the most comprehensive package is home cover. You should choose this option if you want complete peace of mind for your whole heating system, including plumbing, drains and home electrics.

Ok, I’m interested in boiler insurance – but how easy is it to switch?

It’s extremely easy to switch your boiler insurance cover. With most providers, you can sign up in a matter of minutes and you’ll be protected right away – although check the cooling period before you can make a claim.

Also, some providers allow you to delay the start of your protection, and you can often leave your current provider without paying any exit fees – just double check with them first.

Why choose Hometree for boiler, heating or home care?

Here are just some of the reasons to choose us for your boiler and heating protection:

Our no-price-hike promise

We’ll never unfairly raise the price of your boiler care plan

• 24-hour emergency phoneline

Not only do we offer round-the-clock care, but 96% of calls are answered within a minute

• Make extra savings

You could save up to 25% compared to other providers when switching. And you can save up to 15% if we replace your old boiler

• You can count on us

We won’t leave you freezing − we get to 90% of call-outs within 24 hours, including evenings and weekends

• We’re ‘Excellent’

Our customers have rated our service as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

How do I sign up with Hometree?

Signing up to boiler care with Hometree is simple. Simply visit our ‘Get a Quote’ page to choose the level of protection that suits you and when you’re ready, select the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Still unsure about which boiler care plan to choose? Request a call-back or give us a ring on 0800 368 9881 and we’ll be happy to chat through any questions you have.

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