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Baxi ecoBlue+ vs Ideal Logic+ Combi Boiler – Review

Baxi and Ideal are both UK based boiler manufacturers with each more than a century of experience and each claiming significant historical innovations and achievements. Both manufacture high-efficiency boilers ranging from combi over system to regular ones. Baxi celebrated their 150th birthday in 2016 and are best-known for their most notable boiler, the Baxi Bermuda, which sold almost 2 million units and was discontinued in 2015.

Despite their experience, both brands have suffered in terms of reputation, especially while competing against other companies that knew how to modernise their products early. For this article, we have compared two 24kW gas combi boilers, both suited to smaller flats and houses with a moderate demand for hot water and heating – the Baxi EcoBlue+ 24kW and the Ideal Logic+ 24kW.

The table below shows the basic stats for each boiler model:

 Baxi EcoBlue+ (24kW)Ideal Logic+ (24kW)
Other outputs available28, 3330, 35
ErP rating (energy efficiency)A (89.1%)A (89.6%)
Size (HxWxD in mm)700x390x295700x395x278
Flow rate (litres/min)9.89.9
Standard warranty77
Noise level output (dB)5148


To kick off, one of the more immediate differences when comparing the two boilers is the control panel. The Baxi EcoBlue+ boiler has a cleaner look, hiding its controls behind a panel instead of being fully exposed. Enough for us, in terms of design, to let Baxi take the lead with 1 point.

Despite the difference in each of their control panels, both have fully integrated and customisable controls as well as the ability to use smart and standard thermostats. Installing a smart thermostat is a great way to have full control of your heating at home whilst maximising energy savings. The two giants in the smart thermostat market are Nest and Hive. Baxi is currently working with Nest to offer their help in the improvement of home technology. You can check out our product review of the two thermostats here.

How does a smart thermostat work? Generally, smart thermostats are built to offer the features a standard thermostat is missing. These features include real-time updates to your heating depending on local weather and learning from your day-to-day heating settings. Also, you can schedule your heating at times that suit you whether you’re at home or using your smart phone remotely. If you want to know more about smart thermostats, head over to our guide.


Both the Baxi EcoBlue+ and Ideal Logic+ combi boilers boast a compact design. Each boiler can be fitted into a standard kitchen cupboard without any issues, with the only difference being that the Baxi is slightly heavier (5kg). Despite the added weight, each boiler has close to identical measurements. As for size, each boiler deserves a point.

Energy efficiency

Even with a slight dip in reputation, both combi boilers boast a high ErP (Energy related Product) rating. Both boilers were given an A, which is the highest attainable rating and makes them both highly energy efficient. The ErP directive was introduced in 2015 as part of the EU’s joint effort to reduce carbon emissions. Due to the introduction of ErP, every boiler or energy product on the EU market is thoroughly tested and given a rating depending on their energy efficiency. The labelling on products will make it easier for customers to make an energy efficient purchase and to ensure all products meet energy performance criteria. The Logic+ is more energy efficient with a 94% ErP rating, as opposed to 89.1% for the Baxi. The Logic+ has the upper hand and scores another point.


Both manufacturers offer the same warranties if you register your boiler and have it serviced annually by a professional. Ideal and Baxi both offer a 7-year warranty which covers both parts and labour. Both manufacturers advise that you register your boiler within 30 days to take advantage of the warranty. Repair and maintenance of their boilers is a lot easier since both companies are based in the UK, and getting hold of spare parts should not be a problem. It’s a point for each manufacturer. Will they end on a draw?


Baxi was presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2012. Ideal, in turn, have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise a year later as well as the Good Housekeeping Ready Recommended Status in 2013 and 2017 for their Logic+ range of boilers. Also, the Logic+ range was awarded the Quiet Mark status by the Noise Abatement Society for prioritising noise reduction within their designs. Ideal is the clear winner in this category and comes out on top by one point.

The final verdict

We have a winner! While it was a close match between these two UK boiler giants, the Ideal Logic+ is our favourite and wins by one point.

You should also know that the Baxi EcoBlue+ is the slightly more expensive choice and you should look at the Ideal instead if price is your main driver. The latter is generally also quieter and more energy efficient than the Baxi boiler, which also loses points due its heavier and larger build. Below we have summarised the scores for each category.

 Baxi EcoBlue+ (24kW)Ideal Logic+ (24kW)
Energy Efficiency01

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