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How to find the best boiler cover

Thinking of taking out boiler cover? With so many different types of boiler service plans available it can be difficult knowing which will tick all of the boxes. To give you a helping hand, we’ve created a quick guide on how to find the best boiler cover for you.

Understanding different types of boiler cover

Boiler cover tends to include the cost of labour and parts to fix your boiler if it breaks down. Some providers may require you to pay a call-out fee or excess. Even with these costs to consider, you’ll likely find it much cheaper than paying for a one off boiler repair without insurance.

With boiler cover, you usually benefit from quick response times. Here at Hometree, we aim to get our engineers out to customers within 24 hours and also offer evening and weekend call-outs for your convenience.

Some insurance providers offer a boiler service and cover packages. This means that in addition to boiler cover, you will also benefit from an annual boiler service. Having your boiler serviced regularly will keep it running safely and efficiently. It may even help to prolong its lifespan, helping you save money in the long run.

Before choosing a boiler service plan or boiler cover, make sure you know what type of boiler you have in your home. You’ll likely need to specify whether it is oil or gas boiler cover you require. Some providers will also offer plans for specific boiler brands, such as Worcester Bosch or Vaillant boiler cover.

Compare boiler cover prices

Once you know what type of boiler cover you’re after, you’ll need to shop around for quotes. We recommend using a comparison website to save you time and effort. Gathering multiple quotes will help you get a fair price.

Remember the more cover you get with a policy, the more it’s going to cost. Don’t be tricked into buying a more comprehensive cover package if you don’t need it or are already covered by an existing home insurance policy. Taking out a simple boiler cover policy will be much cheaper than a complete home care policy that includes other installations in your home like electrics and plumbing.

Choosing boiler breakdown cover with annual servicing included is recommended. It works out cheaper than paying for a boiler service every year and saves you the hassle of having to organise it too.

Boiler cover reviews

Once you’ve got a few quotes for boiler cover, it’s a good idea to research each provider. Look online for boiler cover reviews and see how well they rank. Are other customers happy with the service they’ve received? Was the claim process easy? Does the insurance provider use trusted and qualified contractors?

Don’t just look on the boiler cover providers’ websites. Check Google, social media and independent websites like Trustpilot too. The more research you do, the better chance you stand of choosing the best boiler cover.

Ask these 10 questions to get the best boiler cover

Think you’ve found the best boiler cover policy? Here are a few more checks to make before signing on the dotted line.

1. Are all costs covered?

Make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. Are parts and labour covered? Will you need to pay a call-out fee or any excess charges?

2. Is there a 24/7 helpline?

A good boiler cover provider will have a 24/7 helpline so you’re never left in the lurch if something goes wrong with your appliance. Some providers will also be happy to offer simple advice and tips over the phone so you can troubleshoot your boiler without having to make a claim.

3. Does it include an annual boiler service?

As we mentioned before, it’s recommended that you service your boiler annually. A boiler service can cost anywhere between £75-£100 and this is without any maintenance or repair work on top. It’s much more cost-effective to choose a boiler cover policy that includes annual boiler servicing as standard.

4. How many claims can you make?

Some policies may have a cap on how many claims you can make within a given period. Try and choose a boiler cover policy with unlimited claims, as you can’t predict when or how many times your boiler will break down.

5. Is your boiler too old?

Your appliance usually has to be less than 10 years old to qualify for boiler insurance. Some providers may want to carry out an initial inspection on older boilers before allowing you to take out an insurance policy.

6. Is there a waiting period?

To ensure you’re not taking out insurance on a faulty boiler, most providers will have a waiting period of anywhere between a few days and a month. This means you won’t be able to make a claim straight away. Check the small print or ask the provider outright to find out the details.

7. What happens if your boiler can’t be fixed?

If a boiler is considered beyond economical repair it means it would be cheaper to install a new boiler than attempt to fix it. Choose a boiler cover provider that offers a discount on the installation of a new boiler if they cannot find a fix.

8. Who will be making the repairs?

Find out if the boiler cover provider has a team of engineers or whether they use contractors in your local area. Ask what their procedure is for vetting engineers and make sure they are Gas Safe registered.

9. What isn’t included?

As with all policies, there will be certain things that aren’t covered by your boiler insurance. Make sure you are aware of what isn’t included before agreeing to the policy. For example, most boiler care policies will not cover damage caused by the build-up of sludge in an appliance.

10. Will the price stay the same if you don’t claim?

The best boiler cover policies will remain the same price regardless of whether you’re a new or existing customer. Obviously if you claim on your policy, the price is likely to go up next time you renew it.

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