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Is a regular boiler right for you?

If you’re unsure of which boiler will suit your home, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at regular boilers (also known as conventional, traditional, or heat only). Unlike combi boilers, a conventional boiler requires a hot water cylinder, with the addition of a loft-installed cold water tank. Regular boilers are quite common in homes with older central heating systems installed, hence also being called traditional.

Why choosing the right boiler is important

Choosing the right boiler will ensure that your home is heating efficiently without any energy wastage. The wrong type of boiler will lead to high energy bills and long delays in hot water reaching your home’s outlets. It’s always important to double check which boiler directly suits your home based on its layout, but don’t worry; we can help with that.

Regular boilers can heat homes with up to 7+ bedrooms and more than one bathroom. If your home is large in size, you can still enjoy hot water from all outlets without the flow of water getting weaker. Unlike combi boilers, conventional boilers heat incoming water to then be stored in a hot water cylinder for later use. Be aware though that you will need to programme your boiler to heat the water in your cylinder, so you have plenty for when you need it.

How do I know if a regular boiler is right for my home?

There are a few ways to tell if a regular boiler is suitable for your home. The most obvious way to tell is the current layout of your central heating system. If your home only has a boiler, and hot water cylinder installed but doesn’t have a loft-installed tank, your current boiler is a regular boiler. Like-for-like regular boiler swaps tend to be a lot easier for engineers.

Regular boilers are the most traditional form of heating in the UK. Although they are still in use today, their popularity has fallen recently in favour of combi boilers. Despite this, a regular boiler could still serve your heating needs effectively. There is also a feed and expansion tank, located in your loft, which is filled with water. It keeps your heating system’s water levels relatively constant. It also incorporates a safety device whereby if there is too much hot water in the system it will fill the tank then exit through the overflow.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of regular boilers?

Pros of regular boilers

  • A regular boiler can efficiently provide enough hot water for your home’s needs. The boiler size you choose will determine how capable it is heating large amounts of water to cover your space heating and hot water demand.
  • Regular boilers don’t supply hot water directly so as long as your storage cylinder is correctly sized then you can provide hot water for many outlets. You don’t have to worry about water flow slowing when outlets are used at the same time if your water tank is large enough to provide the pressure. This is an excellent advantage over combi boilers, where the use of multiple water outlets can dwindle water flow.
  • For older homes that already have a traditional heating system installed, it is much easier to replace the existing system with a regular boiler, rather than a new boiler type.

Cons of regular boilers

  • A central heating system installed with a regular boiler takes up a lot of room, especially with the need for a hot water cylinder and tank to be installed. With these components, installation of a new regular boiler system takes time, money, and effort.
  • A hot water cylinder requires proper insulation to store the heated water properly for use in heating and showers/bath time. This could increase your costs further during installation.
  • Regular boilers do not heat water on demand. It does take time for the water to heat up, so you will have to bear in mind the waiting time for water to heat up if you run out, and schedule your boiler to switch on before you need hot water.

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