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Legal Requirements of Boiler Servicing

Landlords who rent out their property are legally required (The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) to have any gas appliances, such as a boiler, serviced in line with manufacturer guidance. In this guide you’ll find legal information for landlords, including how often a boiler should be serviced and how much it could cost.

Is a gas safety check the same as a boiler service?

No, a boiler service is different to an annual gas safety check – a yearly inspection of all gas appliances in a property. Gas safety checks are a legal requirement for landlords. A boiler service focuses solely on the boiler, and involves an engineer testing and cleaning every part or component.

How often should a boiler be serviced by law?

There is no lawful time frame for how often a boiler should be serviced. The law states that a landlord must ensure a boiler is safe and operates correctly in line with manufacturer standards. To keep a boiler in good condition, it is typically advisable to book boiler servicing once a year. Failure to maintain a boiler could result in a hefty fine, while negligence of gas safety could lead to more serious repercussions.

Do tenants need to arrange a boiler service?

No, boiler servicing is the responsibility of the landlord. Tenants won’t need to arrange a boiler service, nor is it necessary for a tenant to take out boiler cover. However, tenants should inform the landlord if there’s an issue. Those living at the property are responsible for granting access to the engineer carrying out the yearly service. Of course, a landlord should inform any tenants in advance – at least 24 hours before the service. 

Tenants may be liable if the boiler breaks down from physical damage or mistreatment. This doesn’t mean it’s the tenant’s fault if wear and tear causes a fault or a breakdown. Landlords are always responsible for repairing or replacing a boiler that’s broken down due to a malfunction or wear and tear.

What does a boiler service include?

A typical boiler servicing includes a standard set of visual inspections and tests to establish a boiler’s efficiency and safety. The engineer will also clean several of the boiler’s components. The cost of a boiler service usually doesn’t include repairs. If any repairs are necessary, additional costs may be added on top of the standard servicing fee.

How much does an average boiler service cost?

A one-off boiler service costs approximately £85, although sometimes it can be as much as £100, depending on the service provider. Annual boiler cover is typically a more cost-effective option than paying for a one-time boiler service.

That’s why it makes sense to take out a boiler cover plan. This usually includes a comprehensive yearly boiler service and covers the cost of repairs. Hometree’s boiler and home cover plans for landlords include the annual boiler service, and an annual gas safety check and certificate. All parts and labour costs are accounted for. With a 24/7 UK helpline and nationwide coverage, we’re always here for you and your tenants.

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