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What is home appliance insurance?

Home appliance insurance provides cover for your appliances and electronics. A policy usually covers any repair, labour, and replacement costs for household appliances, such as:

  • White goods or larger appliances including fridges, freezers, washing machines or dishwashers.
  • Ovens and microwaves.
  • Electronics, not including gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Types of home appliance insurance

You can take out cover for one, multiple or even all of your appliances. Homeowners can choose packages like washing machine insurance, dishwasher insurance, and even full home insurance.

Newly purchased appliances typically come with a one-year warranty, which can be extended at an extra cost. If an appliance comes with a warranty, the manufacturer will cover repair or replacement costs as long as there is no accidental damage. However, once a warranty expires, homeowners have no protection from breakdowns. A great solution is home appliance insurance, which can cover the cost of repairs, labour, new parts and even complete replacement.

It’s important to note that home appliance insurance does not cover your boiler. For this, you’ll need boiler insurance. At Hometree, we’ve got you covered. We can repair and protect your boiler if it suffers from a fault. Get in touch, and we’ll get one of our experts to you as soon as possible. With Hometree boiler cover, we protect your boiler year-round, so you never go without heating or hot water.

Does contents insurance cover home appliances?

If you have an existing home insurance or contents insurance policy, you might have some cover. Contents insurance usually protects you from unforeseen damage or theft. However, contents insurance won’t cover the costs of damage caused by wear and tear. Standard contents policies don’t often cover the cost of accidental damage, too. This means you could be charged repair and labour costs you never planned for if your appliance breaks down. That’s where appliance insurance comes in.

What’s covered by home appliance insurance?

Home appliance insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your appliances. Depending on your policy, this could be for one appliance or multiple. If your appliance breaks down, regardless of the cause, the policy should cover:

  • Repair costs.
  • Labour costs.
  • The cost of any new parts.
  • A replacement (if an expert deems the appliance beyond economical repair).

Whenever you make a claim, be aware that you may need to pay an excess fee. Excess costs vary between different insurance providers, so make sure to check before selecting your policy.

What isn’t covered by home appliance insurance?

Homeowners should be mindful that not every policy is the same. Home appliance insurance covers repair, new parts, labour and replacement costs as a standard. However, some policies may include particular exclusions or rules. Always read the small print before choosing home and kitchen appliance insurance. Common rules and exclusions include:

  • An age limit on appliances – If an insurance provider deems your appliance too old, they won’t cover it.
  • A maximum payout on claims – You must pay any additional costs beyond the set limit.
  • A limit on the number of products covered by a multiple appliance insurance policy – You may need to choose which appliances you want to cover if all are not allowed.
  • A limit on the number of claims – After a certain number of claims, you won’t be able to claim again. Some insurance providers offer unlimited claims on their policies.Cosmetic damage – Policies may not cover any costs to repair cosmetic damage.
  • Consumable replacements – If you need to replace batteries, bulbs or fuses, your insurance provider may not cover this.
  • Irresponsible use – If you used an appliance irresponsibly or incorrectly, insurance may not cover costs.
  • Pre-existing faults – When an insurance provider first evaluates your appliance, they may exclude repairs to any pre-existing problems. If these problems cause a breakdown, you might be responsible for repair costs.
  • Unauthorised engineer – Do not use an engineer unless approved by the insurance provider.

You should also keep an eye on the time frame for repairs or replacements. A contract should include information about how long your insurance provider has to resolve a malfunction. The insurance provider is responsible for fixing the problem within this time frame.

How much does home appliance insurance cost?

Several factors affect the cost of home appliance insurance, such as appliance age, value or chosen insurance provider. Whether you select multi- or single-appliance insurance will also impact how much your home appliance insurance costs. We did a quick online search and found policies for as little as £1.49 per month. Before taking out an appliance insurance policy, we suggest comparing quotes. You can use plenty of online tools to secure the best policy on your budget.

Appliance warranty or appliance insurance – which is better?

The answer depends on your circumstances and budget. Home and kitchen appliance insurance isn’t worth it in the first year of a new product. Most manufacturer appliance warranties are complimentary to the product and last a year. This means there’s no additional cost for replacement. Check the manufacturer guarantee carefully to ensure there are no exclusions that could leave you vulnerable to hidden costs.

If the manufacturer offers you an extended appliance warranty, you should find out what is covered and how much it costs. Then, compare it with a selection of home appliance insurance policies and choose the best solution for you!

Some home appliance manufacturers offer cost-free extensions to their initial warranty period. This usually depends on whether or not the customer registers online or by telephone during a specified period. Note that cost-free extended appliance warranties may not provide extensive coverage. For example, new parts may be free of charge, but call-out and labour charges may still apply. If a manufacturer offers a free extended appliance warranty, there’s no reason to say no, but be aware of any hidden costs.

You should also consider the inconvenience of being left without an essential domestic appliance. Insurance companies likely have a list of authorised repairers on record, and since repairers often prioritise policyholders, you may get your repairs done quicker.

Remember, you can only get an extended warranty for brand-new appliances. You can’t purchase it for appliances that you already own. Therefore, if you want to insure an older appliance or multiple appliances in your household, an appliance insurance policy is the best option.

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