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Expert boiler installation

A new boiler up and running for one fixed price

All-inclusive boiler installations with no hidden extras

We’ve got every type of boiler covered

Whether it’s a combi, system or regular boiler, our installations include setting up your new boiler (of course!), the boiler flue, new piping as well as any controllers or thermostats – and we’ll show you how to use them too.


We’ll get your heating system in tip-top condition

You don’t want to install a brand new boiler in a heating system with possible blockages or sludge build-up. That’s why we always include a free chemical flush of your heating system to clean out any blockages and ensure it’s spick and span.


We put you in control of your heating

We provide a Honeywell Lyric T6 wired smart thermostat worth £199.99 RRP with every installation. It knows whether you’re home or away, and adapts to your schedule to help you save energy and make your home smarter. Control it via smartphone or tablet from anywhere you like.

Honeywell Lyric T6

We protect your new boiler

To keep your new boiler in the best possible condition, we’ll also install a free magnetic filter and limescale reducer worth £150.00 RRP to protect your system from any sludge build-up and limescale.

Magnascale limescale reducer

Our price is fixed and that’s final

When we say fixed price, we mean it. Once you’ve got a fixed-price quote from us, the price won’t change ever, even if there are any hidden surprises on installation day. We give you ultimate peace of mind with our free 12-month guarantee on all installations, including unlimited call-outs and repairs.


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