Low cost boiler repairs by expert engineers We’ll fix your heating & keep it protected all year round

  • Fixed-price £99 one-off repair fee, then from £12.95 a month*
  • Save over £200 on typical one-off repair costs
  • Protect against any further breakdowns
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Repair and Protect

Unexpected breakdown? No worries, our experts will fix it in no time. We’ll then protect any future breakdowns for the next 12 months.

Our team will inspect your issue and see what's needed to repair it. If we can fix it there and then we will do so, but if not we will order the parts and usually return the following day to finish the job. If we find other unrelated issues we'll quote for these at the same time. You're then covered under one of our care plans for the next 12 months.

What’s included in our Care Plan
  • Repairs to your boiler, heating, plumbing, drains and electrics (depending on the level of cover you choose)
  • Parts and labour included
  • An Annual Boiler Service

Full Terms and conditions can be found here.

Customer with one of our engineers
Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you can't fix the problem?

In the rare occasion that our engineer cannot fix the issue, we will let you know and refund you any fees you have already paid.

What happens if you find more than one problem?

If it's related to the initial issue, don't worry, it's covered as part of our fixed price. However if the issue is unrelated we'll provide a separate quote for each repair and you can choose to upgrade your 12-month cover to include the additional areas e.g. plumbing, drainage and electrics.

I've changed my mind and want to cancel

If we haven’t completed any repairs for you yet, then you are free to cancel at any point before your visit - just give us a call and let us know. If we have already completed some work for you then we will need to charge you for it before you can cancel.

What if I just want a repair and not a 12 month care plan?

Unfortunately we only offer the £99 fixed price repair for customers who sign up to our care plans. We will not be able to offer you a one-off repair.

*This price is based on Your Boiler maintenance plan with £95 call out fee - there are other more comprehensive plans available.